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Standing between the candle and the star...
Welcome to my journal
Here you can find fic, vids, art, icons, insanity and the occasional fanmix. Everything can be located using my tags and if you can't find something you once found here, just ask me and I shall find it for you.
Friend-listing is love as is asking to be friended back on my flock post. :)
29th-Jan-2016 09:25 pm - It's been a while...
Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness
I'm probably never coming back to LJ (I say probably, but you never know), but in case anyone out there would like to find me, I thought I'd post a couple of places you can do that!



I'd love to hear from most of you if you're still around!
24th-Jun-2012 09:02 pm - F-lock.
SPN\\Sam/Dean looking through small gap

My personal posts are f-locked, as are my original stories and a few other things. :) 

I'll accept just about anyone as long as they're obvious fans of the same things as me on their journal, icons or profile :)
10th-Oct-2011 04:13 pm - Self-Published Author at your service
Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness

Hey guys, how are you doing? Do any of you even remember me? I barely remember me...

I've come onto here today - which I have to say, I miss a lot. I really miss LJ. Idk why I left. Maybe I'll come back - to tell you about the most recent, exciting development in my life.

I self-published A Hole in the World!

I've pretty much removed it from my LJ since, you know, it's now out there to buy, but the book is only 86p in the UK and a little over a dollar in the US so c'mon, it's not much. Plus, I've done a whole bunch of technical alterations and I've added a whole 10,000 words to it!  And before you shout: "But I don't have a Kindle!" never fear, Amazon provides a completely free Kindle app for your computer!

So anyway, I'll now give you links

First off, my new website. I designed it myself, from scratch. All the art and everything is all mine (except that which lives on the extras page, but that's credited to shan_3414 so that's okay~)  You can read an excerpt of A Hole in the World on there, you can stroke your screen as you gaze at Shan's amazing art and go, "It's so pretty~" and you can read my blog, in which I ramble about things. Links to that coming soon! 

If you don't wanna go via my website, that's okay too. You can buy it from Amazon UK here, Amazon US here and Smashwords here.

Still not sold? Have a look at my first three reviews:

I'm sounding like a salesperson now - yikes! 

If you're not already done reading my rambling plug of my book and wondering where the last five minutes of your life went, check out my blog entries:

I Like Sex With Aliens. 

As I sit here, staring at Steam, waiting very impatiently for my copy of Mass Effect 2 to, apparently, convert to a “new, more efficient format” (lies, all lies, I swear), I’m pondering the fact that Mass Effect 2 allows you – well, Shepard – to have a relationship with an alien.

I know, I know, that’s boring, right? Everything does that. Kirk shagged his way around the universe, Sheridan married Delenn, John Crichton spent five whole years dancing around his relationship with Aeryn Sun. The list goes on, right?

But, here’s the thing: Delenn looked like a human… just with a weird crown. All Kirk’s alien chicks all looked human. Aeryn Sun didn’t even have funny coloured skin like Zhaan and Chiana.

LGBT and...?

Oh dear, I shouldn’t have a blog. I start thinking about things… then I start writing about them.

Today, I’ve been thinking about how there seems to be a line between genres. Have you ever noticed how nine times out of ten people ask what your genre is not what your genres are? And if they do ask for multiple genres, they limit you to the number they think is acceptable?

Okay, I'm done flooding your flist now.

tl;dr: Buy my book, you know you want to. My blog is awesome and mentions Torchwood a few times. You have a nice face. Good night, citizen.

4th-Sep-2011 07:24 am - FIC: In Another Life
Buffy//cookies solve everything
Name: In Another Life
Rating: R for a couple of unfortunate implications
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Faberry
Summary: In some lives, Rachel and Quinn met but they never seem to be able to get it right. (Title taken from Vienna Teng’s “In Another Life”)
Author’s Note: All the main twos are Quinn and Rachel. It’s usually obvious who is who, but if it isn’t I’ll leave it up to your interpretation. (I have to say, I desperately want to write more pirate!Faberry, but with a female captain and yes they’re not always American. Why would they be?) I was going to do more than two previous lives but my muse gave up the ghost and left me for a stripper half way through so...
Beta: The wonderful captainklaine!
 I feel like we've run a marathon and kept missing each other on the way.Collapse )

Farscape\\Chiana Gorgeousness
40 Doctor Who Icons (20 for scenes20in20  & 20 Eleven & Amy for shippage20in20)
20 Stargate Atlantis Icons for tropes20in20  

Textless icons are not bases.
Glee\\Rachel (Get it right)

Title: Eliminating the Competition
Rating: R
Fandom: Glee
Pairing/Characters: Quinn/Finn, Blaine/Kurt, Quinn/Sam, Finn/Rachel and some others.
Warnings: Dub-con, serial murder, violence, disturbing thoughts and imagery.
Summary: SEASON 2 SERIAL KILLER AU. Quinn wants to be Prom Queen and Blaine desperately wants to win Nationals. Together, they decide to eliminate the competition.
Author’s Note: For Savannah, who encouraged me.  Based on this video I made: Glee as a Horror Movie, inspiration found while making it.


You have dreams that people would shudder to watch in a movie. You dream of blood and blades, not used on yourself but others. Even now, you’re imagining what Kurt would look like with his blood dripping down his chest.Collapse )


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